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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Schemes of Government of India

Schemes of Government of India
Government at both Central and State levels encourages participation
of the NGO’s in developmental and welfare activities. Certain approved
programmes are implemented through the NGO’s.
scheme. The list is furnished with the sole intention of exposing the
NGO’s to the vast and tremendous scope available to them for pursuing their
activities. It is a bird’s eye view of the Government schemes.
I. Schemes of Ministry of Agriculture (Department of
Agriculture and Co-operation)
1) Intensive Cotton Development Programme (ICDP) under Mini-
Mission-II of Technology Mission on Cotton.
2) Integrated Scheme of Oilseeds, Pulses, Oil Palm and Maize
3) National project on Development and Use of Biofertilizers
4) Strengthening of Agriculture Extension Services
5) Small Farmer’s Agri-Business Consortium
6) Natural Disaster Management Programme
7) Watershed Development Project in Shifting Cultivation Area
(WDPSCA) Additional Central Assistance to State Plan
8) Scheme for Strengthening and Modernization of Pest
Management Approach in India
II. Schemes of Ministry of Agriculture (National Horticulture
Board Schemes)
9) Development of Commercial Horticulture through Production
and Post-Harvest Management
10) Capital Investment Subsidy for
Construction/Expansion/Modernization of Cold
Storages/Storages of Horticulture Product
11) Technology Development and Transfer for Promotion of
12) Information Service for Horticulture Crops
13) Horticulture Promotion Service
III. Schemes of Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries
14) Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries
15) Programme for Promotion of V.I Cluster – Rural Industry
Service Centre (RISC)
16) Prime Minister’s Rozgar Yojana (PMRY)
17) Rural Employment Generation Programme (REGP)
IV. Schemes of Ministry of Communication and Information
(Department of Information Technology)
Project Funding for Research and Development in the following
18) Convergence Communications Internet and Broadband
19) Technology development for Indian languages
20) Photonics
21) E-learning
22) E-Governance
23) Electronics and IT Applications in Industrial and Infrastructure
Electronics (including Transport and Power)
24) Commerce and Information E-Security
25) IPR
V. Schemes of Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public
Distribution (Department of Consumer Affairs)
26) Consumer Clubs
27) Scheme on Promoting Involvement of Research
Institutions/Universities/ Colleges etc. in Consumer Welfare
40) Scheme for Financial Assistance Towards Organization of
Seminar/ Conference by National Level Library Association
41) Non-Matching Scheme of Financial Assistance to Children’s
Libraries or Children’s Section of General Public Libraries
42) Scheme for Financial Assistance to Public Libraries towards
Celebration of Golden Jubliee Year/Platinum Year/ Centenary
Year/ 125Year/150year/ 175 Year and the like
VIII. Schemes of Ministry of Environment and Forests (Animal
Welfare Division)
43) Scheme for Provision of Ambulance Services to Animals in
44) Scheme for Provision of Shelter Houses for Looking after the
45) Scheme for Birth Control and Immunization of Stray Dogs and
Medical Screening of and Treatment of Tuberculosis in
Urbanized Monkeys of Delhi
IX. Schemes of Ministry of Environment and Forests
46) Environmental Research Promotion
47) Grants-in-aid for Greening India Scheme of the National
Afforestation and Eco-Development Board
48) Ex-situ Conservation of Threatened Plants Endemic to the
Region Through Botanical Gardens and Centres of
Environmental Education
49) Seminars, Symposia/Workshops/Conferences, Grants-in-aid
to Professional Societies and Institutions and Publication of
Resource Material related to Environment
50) National Environment Awareness Campaign
51) Centres of Excellence
52) National Green Crops (Eco-Clubs)
53) Environment Information System (ENVIS)
X. Schemes of Ministry of Food Processing Industries
54) Scheme for Human Resource Development
55) Scheme for Technology Upgradation/ Expansion/
Establishment/ Modernization of Food Processing Industries
56) Scheme for Quality Assurance, Codex Standards and
Research and Development
57) Scheme for Backward and Forward Integration and other
Promotional Activities
XI. Schemes of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(Department of Family Welfare)
58) Mother NGO (MNGO) Scheme
59) Service NGO (SNGO) Scheme
60) Sterilization Beds Scheme
XII. Schemes of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(Department of Health)
61) Scheme for Financial Assistance to Voluntary Organization
for Undertaking Leprosy Survey, Educational and Treatment
(SET) (Under National Leprosy Eradication Programme)
Schemes under National Tuberculosis Control Programme
62) Health Education and Community Outreach
63) Provision of Directly Observed Therapy
64) In-Hospital Care for Tuberculosis Disease
65) Microscopy and Treatment Centre
66) Tuberculosis Unit Model
National Programme for Control of Blindness
67) Non-Recurring Grant-in-aid for Expansion/Upgradation of Eye
Care Units in Voluntary Sector for Underserved Population
68) Non-Recurring Grant-in-aid for Setting up/Strengthening of Eye
Banks and
Eye Donation Centres
69) Non-Recurring Grant-in-aid for Setting up/Strengthening
Vision Centres
70) Recurring Grant-in-aid for Performing Free Cataract
Operations performed at Hospitals in Voluntary Sector
71) Recurring Grant-in-aid to Eye Banks and Eye Donation
72) National Cancer Control Programme
73) Scheme of Financial Assistance for Corrective Surgery and
Rehabilitation of Polio Affected Children
XIII. Schemes of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (National
Aids Control Organization in Department of Health)
NACO Programmes
74) Targeted Interventions
75) School Aids Education Programmes (SAEP)
76) Setting up of Telephonic Counselling Services
77) Condom Programming
78) Care and Support for People Living with HIV/Aids
79) Community Care Centre
XIV. Schemes of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
(Department of Ayush)
80) Central Scheme for Development and Cultivation of Medicinal
81) Central Scheme for Re-orientation Training Programme of
ISM&H Personnel
82) Health Awareness/Treatment Camps of ISM&H in the North
Eastern States of Sikkim
83) Central Sector Scheme for Development of Indian System of
Medicine and Homeopathy
XV. Schemes of Ministry of Health and family Welfare (National
Medicinal Plants Board)
84) Promotional and Commercial Schemes
XVI. Schemes of Ministry of Home Affairs
85) National Human Rights Commissions Guidelines for
Sponsoring Research
Schemes of National Foundation for Communal Harmony
86) Project Cooperation
87) Sadbhavana Club
XVII. Schemes of Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty
88) Schemes for Night Shelter for Urban Shelterless
XVIII. Schemes of Ministry of Human Resource Development
(Department of Elementary Education and Literacy)
Education Guarantee Scheme and Alternative and
Innovative Education
89) Children in Remote, School-less Habitations
90) Support to Maktabs/Madrasas in a variety of ways to provide
non-formal education
91) Bridge Courses/Back to School Camps
92) Centrality of Community involvement/management in EGS &
AIE interventions
93) Education Volunteers
94) Scheme for Assistance for Experimental and Innovative
Programme for the Education at the Elementary Stage
Including Non-Formal Education
95) National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary
Education (NP-NSPE-2006) (Mid-Day Meal Scheme)
Adult Education 􀂱 National Literacy Mission
96) Grants for Projects for Eradication of Illiteracy
97) Grants to Resource Centers
98) Jan Shikshan Sansthans – District Repositories
99) Scheme of Assistance to Voluntary Agencies under Mahila
100) Scheme of Financial Assistance by the Indian National
Commission for Co-operation with UNESCO (INCUU),
Department of Education
101) Financial Assistance for Promotion of Hindi to Voluntary
Organizations including Dakshin Bharat Hindi Prachar Sabha
and Publications and Purchase of Books
102) Scheme of Publications and Purchase of Books in India
languages (other than Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Sindhi and
103) Scheme of Publications and Purchase of Books in English
language and related activities for the promotion of English
104) Scheme of promotion of Sanskrit
105) Scheme of Assistance to Voluntary Organizations working in
the field of Classical Languages including Arabian and
Copyright and Book Promotion
106) Scheme of Assistance for Book Promotional activities
107) Scheme for intellectual property Education, Research and
Public outreach
108) Scheme of Studies, Seminars, Evaluation for Implementation
of Education Policy
109) Scheme of Area Intensive programme for Educationally
Backward Minorities
National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language
110) Scheme of Bulk Purchase of Books/Periodicals/Journals
111) Scheme of Financial Assistance for Short –Term Studies
112) Scheme of Financial Assistance for
Scheme of Financial Assistance for following Projects for
Promotion of Urdu Language
113) Books of reference including encyclopedia, books of
knowledge, compilation of anthologies, bibliographies and
dictionaries (in one or more languages)
114) Descriptive Catalogues of rare manuscripts in such format as
may be prescribed by the NCPUL
115) Original writings in Urdu on linguistics, literature (excluding
fiction, drama and poetry), Indological, Social,
Anthropological and Cultural themes
116) Publication of old manuscripts with translation
117) Transliteration of classics from one Indian language into Urdu
118) Any other kind of activity as may be individually accepted as
conductive to the promotion of Urdu language
119) Linguistic Surveys
XIX. Schemes of Ministry of Human Resource Development
(Department of Secondary Education)
120) Scheme for Strengthening of Boarding and Hostel Facilities
for Girl Students of Secondary and Higher Secondary schools
XX. Schemes of Ministry of Human Resource development
(Department of Higher Education)
121) Information and Communication Technology in Schools
Scheme of Quality Improvement in Schools
122) Improvement of Science Education in Schools
123) Environmental Education to School Children
124) Scheme for Promotion of yoga in Schools
125) Integrated Education for Disabled Children (IEDC)
126) Scheme of Financial Assistance for Strengthening Education in
Human Values
XXI. Schemes of Ministry of Labour
127) Grant-in-aid scheme for Financial Assistance to Voluntary
and Non-Governmental Organizations for taking up Action
Programmes/Projects for the Benefit of Child Labour and
Women Labour
XXII. Schemes of Ministry of Minority Affairs
128) Free Coaching and Allied Scheme for the candidates
belonging to Minority Communities
129) Merit Cum Means scholarship scheme for Minority
Communities Students
130) Post-matric scholarships for students belonging to Minority
131) Pre-matric scholarship for students belonging to Minority
Communities (orders awaited)
XXIII. Schemes of Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources
Solar Energy Programmes
132) Scheme on Promotion of Solar Thermal Systems for Air
Heating/ Steam Generating Applications, Solar Buildings and
Akshay Urja Shops
133) Scheme on Demonstration and Promotion of Solar Photovoltic
Devices/ Systems in Urban Areas
134) Scheme on Accelerated Development and Deployment of
Solar Water Heating Systems in Domestic, Industrial and
Commercial Sectors
135) Solar Photovoltic (SPV) Programmes(s)
136) Solar Lantern Programme
137) Solar Thermal Energy Demonstration Programme
Biomass Development Programmes
138) Biomass Energy and Co-generation Programmes
(i) Biomass Power/Cogeneration Programme
(ii) Biomass Gasifier Programme
139) Programme on Biomass Energy and Cogeneration (Nonbagasse)
in industry and institutions
140) Biomass Gasifier Scheme
141) Test Projects on Village Energy Security
Biogas Development Programmes
142) Biogas based Power Generation Programme (BPGP)
143) National Biogas and Manure Management Programme
144) Renewable Energy Parks Scheme/ Special Area
Demonstration Programme
145) Programmes/ Schemes in New Technology Group
XXIV. Schemes of Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
146) Schemes for the Welfare of Women deserted by their
Overseas Indian Spouses
XXV. Schemes of Ministry of Rural Development (Department of
Land Resources)
Land Development 􀂱 Wastelands Development Schemes
147) Integrated Wastelands Development Project (IWDP) Scheme
148) Scheme of Technology Development Extension and Training
(TDET) for Wastelands Development in Non-Forest Areas
149) Scheme of Investment Promotional Scheme for Development
of Non-Forest Wastelands
150) Drought Prone Areas Programmes (DPAP) and Desert
Development Programme (DDP)
(i) Drought Prone Areas Programme
(ii) Desert Development Programme (DDP)
XXVI. Schemes of Ministry of Rural Development (Department of
Rural Development)
151) Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY)
XXVII. Schemes of Ministry of Rural Development (Department of
Drinking Water Supply)
152) Central Rural Sanitation Programme
XXVIII. Schemes of Ministry of Rural Development
[Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural
Technology (CAPART)]
153) Promotion of Voluntary Action in Rural Development (Public
Co-operation) Scheme
154) Advancement of Rural Technology Scheme (ARTS)
155) Nodal NGO Scheme
156) Scheme of Financial Assistance for preparing Young
Professional in Rural Area (Yuva Jyothi)
157) Grameen Vikas Andolan
158) Scheme of Village Knowledge Centre
159) Gram Shree Mela (GSMs)/Buyer Seller Meets (BSMs)
160) Guidelines for Workshops/Seminars/Conferences proposed
for CAPART’s Support
XXIX. Schemes of Ministry of Science and Technology
161) Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Development
(STED) Project
162) Skill Development Training through Science and Technology
163) Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS)
164) Seismology Programme (SP)
165) State Science and Technology Programme (SSTP)
166) Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR)
a) International Technology Transfer Programme
167) Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
a) Ad-Hoc Research Schemes
168) Department of Biotechnology Biotech-based programme for
Societal Upliftment
XXX. Schemes of Ministry of Science and Technology (Science
and Society Division)
169) Schemes under Science and Society Programme
170) S&T Application for Rural Development (STARD)
171) S&T Application for Weaker Sections (STAWS)
172) S&T for Women
173) Special Component Plan (SCP)
174) Tribal Sub-plan (TSP)
175) Scheme for young Scientists and Professional (SYSP)
XXXI. Schemes of Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and
Highways (Department of Road & Highways)
176) Guidelines for Grant of Financial Assistance for Administering
Road Safety Programmes
177) Guidelines for Proposals on Setting up a Training Institute on
Driving and Research
178) Guidelines for Grant of Financial Assistance for Administering
two days refresher Training to Heavy Motor Vehicle Drivers in
Un-organized Sector
179) Revised Scheme for Assistance in the Shape of Cranes and
Ambulance for Administering National highway Accident
Relief Service Scheme under Road Safety Programme to
State/UT Governments and NGO’s
XXXII. Schemes of Ministry of Small Scale Industries
180) Trade related Entrepreneurship Assistance and Development
(TREAD) Scheme for Women
181) Scheme of Micro Finance Programme
182) Scheme of International Cooperation
XXXIII. Schemes of Ministry of Social Justice and
183) General Scheme of Social Defence
Scheme for Old Age
184) Integrated Programme for Older Persons
185) Scheme of Assistance to Panchayati Raj Institutions/
Voluntary Organizations/Self Help Groups for Construction of
Old Age Homes/ Multi Service Centers
186) Treatment and Rehabilitation of Addicts
Welfare Schemes for Persons with Disabilities
187) Scheme of Assistance to Disabled Persons for Purchase/
Fitting of Aids/ Appliances (ADIP Scheme)
188) Scheme to promote Voluntary Action for Persons with
Schemes for the Development of Scheduled Castes
189) Scheme of Hostels for Scheduled Caste Girls and Boys
190) Coaching and Allied Scheme for SC/ST Students
191) Supporting Project of All India Nature of SC’s (Research and
192) Scheme of Grant-in-aid to Voluntary and other Organizations
working for Scheduled Castes
Schemes for Backward Classes Welfare
193) Hostels for OBC Boys and Girls
194) Assistance to Voluntary Organizations for the Welfare of OBC’s
Central Wakf Council
195) Scholarship to the poor students pursuing
Technical/Professional Degree Courses @ Rs. 6000/- per
196) Ad-hoc grant to poor and needy students of General Degree
Courses @ Rs. 3000/- per annum
197) Matching Grant to the State Wakf Boards for Providing
scholarship in their respective States to the school students,
Madrasa students and the School students doing
Technical/Professional Diploma Courses
198) Grant for the establishment of I.T.Is in the Muslim
concentrated areas
199) Financial assistance to Voluntary Organizations for
Vocational Training Centers
200) Financial assistance to Libraries for developing Book Bank
201) Development of Wakf Property
Moulana Azad Education Foundation
202) Financial assistance for Construction/ expansion of Schools
belonging to educationally backward minorities
203) Financial assistance for purchase of Science/Computer lab
equipments/furniture for institutions belonging to
educationally backward minorities
204) Financial assistance for Construction/ Expansion of
Vocational Training Centre/ITI/Polytechnic belonging to
backward minorities
205) Financial assistance for construction of hostel building in the
institutions belonging to educationally backward minorities
206) Financial assistance for construction / Expansion of
D.Ed./B.Ed. College belonging to backward minorities
207) Financial assistance for purchase of equipments/ machinery/
tools/ furniture for VTC/ITI/Polytechnic belonging to
educationally backward minorities
208) Moulana Azad National Scholarship for Meritorious Girl
Students belonging to Minorities
209) Moulana Abdul Kalam Azad Literacy Award for Promoting
Education amongst Educationally backward minorities
210) Scheme to establish Moulana Azad Sadbhavana Kendras
National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation
211) Term Loan Scheme
212) Margin Money Loan Scheme
213) Educational Loan Scheme
214) Micro Financing Scheme
215) Interest Free Loan for Promotion of SHG’s
216) Mahila Samridhi Yojana
217) Vocational Training
218) Marketing Assistance to Craft Persons
219) Assistance for Design Development/Skill Upgradation
220) Micro Credit Scheme
XXXIV. Schemes of Ministry of Tribal Affairs
221) Scheme of grant-in-aid to Voluntary Organizations working for
the Welfare of the Scheduled Tribes (GVWST)
222) Schemes of Educational Complex in low Literacy Pockets
223) Vocational Training Centres
XXXV. Schemes of Ministry of Water Resources
224) R&D Programme implementation Guidelines
XXXVI. Schemes of Ministry of Women and Child Development
Rashtriya Mahila Kosh Loan Schemes for NGO􀂶s
225) Loan Promotion Scheme
226) Main Loan Scheme
227) Revolving Fund Scheme
228) Bulk Lending Scheme
229) Gold Credit Pass Book Scheme
230) Housing Loan Scheme
231) Working Capital Term Loan Scheme
232) Family Loan Scheme
233) Franchisee Scheme
234) Capacity Building Scheme
235) Nodal Agency Scheme
236) Self Help Groups (SHG’s) Scheme
237) Swadhar- A Scheme for Women in Difficult Circumstances
238) Setting up of Employment-cum-income Generating Unit
239) Swalamban (NORAD) Scheme
240) Support to Training and Employment Programme for Women
241) Swayamsidha (IWEP)
242) Scheme of assistance for the Construction/Expansion of
hostel Building for Working Women with a Day Care Centre
243) Scheme of short stay homes for Women and Girls
244) Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme for the Children of
Working Mothers
245) Scheme on Networking with Non-Governmental Organizations
(NGO’S), Home Science Colleges etc. for Intensifying
Nutrition Education and Extension activities
246) Nutrition Education and Training through Community Food
and Nutrition Extension units (CFNEUS)
247) Scheme of assistance to Educational work for prevention of
Atrocities on Women
248) Scheme of Organizational Assistance to Voluntary
Organization for Women and Child Development
249) General Grant-in-aid Scheme for assistance to Voluntary
Organization in the Field of Women and Child Development
250) Scheme on Community based Production of Nutritious Foods
251) Scheme of assistance to Voluntary Agencies for early
Childhood Education for 3-6 age group Children under the
programme of Universalisation of elementary Education
252) An integrated programme for street Children
253) Scheme for welfare of Working Children in need of care and
254) Grant-in-aid for Research, Publications and Monitoring
XXXVII. Schemes of Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports
255) Scheme for Assistance to Youth Clubs
256) Financial Assistance for Promotion of Youth Activities and
257) Scheme of Financial Assistance for Development and
Empowerment of Adolescents
258) Promotion of National Integration
259) Rural Sports Programme
260) Scheme of State Sports Academy
XXXVIII. Schemes of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural
Development (NABARD)
261) Rural Innovation Fund (RIF)
Refinance Schemes
262) Enterprise Loan Scheme (ELS)
263) Soft Loan assistance Scheme for Margin Money (SLAMM)
264) Refinance for Rural Housing activity
265) Skill Upgradation and Design Development for Handlooms
Weavers (SUDHA)
Women Development
266) Assistance to Rural Women in Non-Farm Development
267) Assistance for Marketing of Non-Farm Products of Rural
Women (MAHIMA)
268) Development of Women through Area programme (DEWTA)
269) Rural Entrepreneurship Development programme (REDP)
270) Environmental promotional assistance Scheme (EPA)
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